Tailgating remains a growing concern but overall driving perception has improved a�� Qatar Road Safety Monitor

Tailgating remains a growing concern but overall driving perception has improved a�� Qatar Road Safety Monitor

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QIC Insured presents the findings of the 2rd cycle of a�?Qatar Road Safety Monitora��, a unique perception study of driving behaviour in Qatar

  • Tailgating remains unchanged
  • Positive perception trends include improved road infrastructure, lesser commute time and more driving enjoyment
  • Perception of improved behaviour is linked to dangerous driving, speeding, lane swerving and distracted driving

The overall positive perception trends of driving in Qatar outweigh the negative ones in the most recent Qatar Road Safety Monitor. The survey commissioned by QIC Insured, a bi-annual survey, sets out to quantify perception trends of Qatara��s motorists about infrastructure, overall driving enjoyment, commute time, driving behaviour that are often linked to the cause of accidents in Qatar. The findings of the survey are based on the views of a representative sample of the residents of Qatar

Survey highlights over last 6 months:

Majority of the respondents (68%) state that road infrastructure has improved over the last 6 months, leading to shorter commute time (67%) and more driving enjoyment (38%). Dangerous driving has reduced over the last six months from 62% to 57%. There has been a marginal improvement in the trend for distracted driving (85%), speeding on the roads (74%). The , buy zithromax online trend for abrupt changing of lanes too seems to have dropped to 70% as stated by the respondents of the survey. However, the perception trend for tailgating appears unchanged over the last six months (76%).

Commenting on the findings of the survey, Deputy Group President & CEO- QIC MENA Mr. Salem Al Mannai states, a�?It is indeed encouraging to observe that most of the dimensions included in the survey have developed in the right direction, which can be attributed to the various initiatives taken by the ministry for improving road safety in the State of Qatar. We are proud to be associated with this unique, long term perception study, as it demonstrates the efforts of QIC Insured to actively support the creation of safer roads, in line with Qatara��s National Road Safety Strategy & a�?Qatar National Vision 2030.a�?

He further adds, a�?While the observed trends are mainly positive, further efforts in education, enforcement and infrastructure improvement are needed by all stakeholders, public and private entities and media to inculcate the culture of road safety in Qatar. This means working collaboratively across all elements of the road transport system and recognizing that everybody has a role to play in improving road safety. It would also lay the foundations for a safe road transport system that will benefit future generations.a�?The details of Qatar Road Safety Monitor can be found in the a�?featureda�� section on: http://www.roadsafetyqatar.com/statistics/. The study will be repeated every six months with the next scheduled release in mid Q1/2017.

Details of survey are available at www.roadsafety.qic-insured.com


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