QIC sees significant growth and rebrands to expand further

QIC sees significant growth and rebrands to expand further

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To mark two years of significant growth and success in its personal insurance products, QIC is now ready to take its products, services and consumer brand to the next level

Speaking on QICa��s success and strategy for rebranding, Salem Al-Mannai, Deputy Group President and CEO QIC a��MENA region says, a�?Building on our vast experience with personal lines from the last 50 years, we introduced online sales of the personal insurance products two years ago which from the very inception was a great success. Wea��re now ready to build on those experiences and radically change our service offerings and our brand positioninga�?

Salem Al-Mannai explains, a�?We understand that the most important aspects when selecting personal insurance are trust, customer service and price and we are placing ourselves to keep the pole position on all three aspects in Qatar

With the rebranding and launch of our new platform, we will further cement our position as the leading buy paroxetine online, order clomid insurance company in Qatar and the regiona�?

Besides focusing even more on ease of use, convenience and offering the right products at the right price, the new online platform introduces a very modern brand universe under the name QIC Insured

a�?The focus is and has always been on customersa�� conveniencea�?, explains Frederik Bisbjerg, Executive Vice President MENA Retail, a�?And wea��re proud to again be first in launching new and innovative services with a very modern and appealing brand. We chose the name QIC Insured as it is exactly what you are with us, insured in the best possible way a�� and now in the easiest possible way tooa�?, concludes Frederik Bisbjerg

The new brand is created to be positioned against the international insurers in the other GCC countries too and the new styling direction -a�?Ua�� smiley with a clear reference to the colors of the QIC Group underlines the focus on customer service and friendliness that is built in to the online solutions and related call center services a�� that expresses the performance through design and carves out a clear identity around convenience in a more expressive style

QIC Insureda��s new universe can be experienced at qic-insured.com


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