Targeting the Consumer and Enterprise Segments: QMIC and QIC Introduce New Road Safety Innovations at the 24th World ITMA Congress

Targeting the Consumer and Enterprise Segments: QMIC and QIC Introduce New Road Safety Innovations at the 24th World ITMA Congress

Nov 17, 2015 (0) comment

November 17, 2015: Qatar Mobility Innovations Center (QMIC) and Qatar Insurance Company (QIC) announced new Road Safety solutions, during the opening day of the 24th World ITMA Congress, at Sheraton Doha, hosted by the National Traffic Safety Committee under the theme ‘Traffic Medicine and Road Safety in Fast Developing Countries

During the event, QMIC and QIC revealed smart innovative Road Safety solutions that can offer insurance incentives for both the consumer and the enterprise segments in Qatar and the region. Addressing specific needs and requirements of the consumer and enterprise markets alike, these solutions can significantly increase the adoption and impact on road safety.

For the consumer market, QMIC and QIC jointly worked on delivering a�?Howa��s My Drivinga�? mobile app which will allow users to assess and improve their driving performance which can subsequently translate into insurance incentives. Through a user friendly interface which is optimized for local and regional markets, the application will allow users to monitor their own driving behavior and score, share their results, and compete with other drivers for the safest driver ranking. The app will be available for download on iTunes store early Dec. 2015. At later stages, the app will be ported to Android devices, and will be enhanced to offer value added services and incentives (including insurance discounts) that reward safe driving. This is a key step towards realizing pay-how-you drive business models in Qatar and the region.

For enterprises, QMIC has announced the availability of its innovative a�?Salamtek Enterprisea�� solution that tackles the needs of enterprises who are looking to manage and monitor phone usage of their drivers and who are also looking for a simple vehicle tracking solution to address their daily business needs and operational requirements. It is a multi-functionality solution that does not require any new hardware in the vehicle. The QMIC solution is based on using a smart phone application and a cloud-based platform for remote management and application analytics. QIC announced that it will be one the first adopters for this solution. In addition, QMIC and QIC will work together to offer the solution to enterprises who can benefit from the road safety capability and business efficiency features of the solution. Enterprises can also benefit from enterprise insurance discounts based on a collective safe driving ranking of their drivers.

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Dr. Adnan Abu-Dayya, Executive Director (CEO) of QMIC said, a�?With this unique partnership with a leading insurance company in the region, QMICa��s vision of realizing Road safety through innovative solutions has gained significant traction. We are very excited to jointly introduce with QIC a simple and insightful road safety application for the consumer market. We are equally excited about announcing the availability of a rich, innovative yet simple solution that can address multiple requirements of a large enterprise market and which can significantly contribute to safer roads for all.a�?

Salem Al-Mannai, Deputy Group President & CEO- MENA Region said, a�?As the largest national Insurance provider in Qatar, we are proud to partner with QMIC on a journey towards safer driving. We are eager to bring intelligent, locally built solutions to the community, and not only witness a great positive impact, but also play an integral role in ita�?.

Frederik Bisbjerg, Executive Vice President and Head of Group Retail with QIC commented, a�?Besides monitoring driving behaviour a�?Howa��s My Drivinga�� app helps identify and reward safe drivers with generous discounts on their car insurances. Further, it incentivizes drivers to drive safe, thus contributing to enhance road safety in Qatara�?.

Through working together and engaging users of these solutions, QMIC and QIC will continue adding more features and capabilities and develop different business models to ensure successful deployment and high adoption of these road safety-centric solutions. Tackling Road Safety as a community on all levels and from multiple angles, is the best way to achieve greater impact.

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